MEET Yahsuan Raven Wang, DDS – eNDODONTIST

Dr. Raven Wang was born and raised in Taiwan where she completed dental school and a GPR residency. She then moved to California and completed an Endodontic residency at UCLA. During residency, she focused on vital pulp therapy to save teeth with deep caries while alleviating symptoms and maintaining tooth vitality. This study helped children obtain conservative treatment and avoid a root canal. She hopes this technology can also help save mature teeth from root canal using pulpal regeneration. Dr. Wang presented at the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) resident oral presentations at AAE21 annual meeting.

Dr. Wang has many interests such as hiking, cooking, and is a fan of good movies and novels. She believes everyone has their own story and the good story needs a healthy body and healthy teeth. So providing care to patients is her way to protect those good stories.