Dr. Andrew Fossum is originally from Rapid City, South Dakota.  Dr. Fossum attended The University of Texas at Austin where he received his bachelor’s degree in Biology.  Dr. Fossum attended UT Health School of Dentistry in Houston where he received his dental degree in 2008.  While in private practice for eight years, Dr. Fossum gravitated towards the field of endodontics and decided to pursue a dental specialty education. Dr. Fossum attended a three-year endodontic residency program at the University of Connecticut where he received his certification in endodontics and his Master of Dental Science in 2019.  During his residency Dr. Fossum utilized a new method to test the influence of endodontic sealers on dentin strength in endodontically treated teeth.

Dr. Fossum comes from a long family lineage of multiple dentists.  Dr. Fossum and his wife are proud parents of five children and are actively involved in their many extracurricular activities including figure skating, ice hockey, golf and piano lessons.  Dr. Fossum is also an avid guitar player and loves to travel the world with his family.