Instructions-Following Endodontic Surgery

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After Endodontic Surgery:

  1. Do not lift or pull on your lips. This may cause tearing out of the sutures.
  2. To minimize swelling, use an ice pack on the face over the operated area. The pack should be used- on for 20 minutes off for 10 minutes- and should be continued for the first day only.
  3. During the first day, eat foods that will be nourishing but will not require vigorous chewing, i.e.: eggs, soups, milk shakes, etc.
  4. Starting tomorrow, rinse with warm salt water (one teaspoon to 8 oz. of warm water), as often as possible. Continue rinsing for one week.
  5. You should brush your teeth carefully in the treated area excluding the gums. Do not use dental floss or a water irrigation device.
  6. For pain, ibuprofen is recommended. Follow the instruction of the doctor concerning your medications.
  7. Return to this office for suture removal as directed.

What to Expect:

  1. Although severe pain seldom occurs, some discomfort will usually be present. Use the anti-inflammatory medication as directed. Please inform us if you are experiencing significant discomfort or have a temperature.
  2. There will be some swelling and discoloration for three to five days. This is a normal part of the healing process.
  3. There is often temporary loss of feeling in the surgical site.
  4. The treated tooth may feel loose for a brief time.


Should you experience discomfort that cannot be controlled with the above medications or prescribed medications, and should swelling develop, PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE YOU WERE TREATED AT: