Meet Zhangrui (Zac) Liang, DDS, MS – Endodontics


Dr. Zhangrui (Zac) Liang obtained his Endodontics certificate from University of California Los Angeles, School of Dentistry (UCLA). During his years in dental school, Dr. Liang found great passion in bringing instant relief to patients in pain, meanwhile saving their natural teeth. After graduating with national honor in 2013 in China, Dr. Liang moved to California to pursue specialized training in clinic Endodontics, during which time he also completed a Master of Science degree in Oral Biology. His research project was to develop pulp tissue grafting technique for regenerative endodontics – saving immature teeth of children by engineering dental pulp from stem cells of their own. Dr. Liang was also involved in a clinic trial using Nanodiamond coated root canal filling material to deliver anti-microbial agents directly into the canals, potentially increasing the treatment outcome of endodontic therapy. Because of his endeavor in endodontic research, Dr. Liang received American Association of Endodontists (AAE) resident award, scoring the top ten oral presentations at AAE17 annual meeting.

Dr. Liang is an avid snowboarder, competitive swimmer and aspiring chef. Grateful for acquainting an amazing group of people in United States, Dr. Liang makes sure to connect and care for all his patients in a friendly and gentle way.